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Neverwinter Nights- New AD&D MMORPG- quick peak

Open beta so the NDA is lifted (i think?) Played a bit in closed beta and now in open beta. Yet another MMORPG, but based on the AD&D Forgotten Realms books/ruleset made by CRYPTIC who depending on who you ask is hit and miss City of Heroes, Star Trek, Champions.

Noob- So you want to be a DOTA2 STAR

I played some DOTA in the Warcraft 3 days and enjoyed it but never found it more then a passing thing. Since then DOTA type games have came into there own and now are the Quakes, Unreal and CS of today. Many large Tournaments and worldwide gamers are into them now. DOTA for any of living under a rock is DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS which was a Warcraft 3 mod.

What makes a great game -my version

There has been allot of discussion on what makes a good game here, most centers on RPG's which I do love. But with my mention of best game in the last year, and looking at my year objectively to see what i played and what I didn't I found the following ti be true for me.

The game: World Of Tanks

Type: Free to Play Online Player Vs Player game

END of year, best game you played?

SO, what was the game you played this year that was released in 2011 that was the most fun? Console or PC or phone?

PS3:Dark Souls
360:none stick out
PC: World Of tanks
Phone: none stood out, i did play Angery birds a bit.. but I dont consider it a great game.. good.. but not great.

scarry GAMES!

So its almost trick or treat time, your local cable TV is showing marthons of scarry movies, are you playing any scarry games? I must admit I dont find games very scarry, but a few have made me jump. Here are a few in no order, wany you would add? or even disagree with?

Hellgate F2P, Rusty Hearts and More mussing on WOT f2P

I keep saying it, im a MMO addict.. Im skipping the RPG part as IM quite enjoying some other types. I tedn to try them all and play most at least a month unless there are glareing issues (opinion).

weekly new games

I am a game addict So i buy way to many games, play them far to little and repeat. This past week I bought:

Rock OF Ages

indy gaming Support

I am a avid watcher of the Digital selling market for games and where it is, where its going and how its effecting games. Personally when it was first done I was frimly in the "its no good" camp, another service running on my mahcine, if I uninstall a re-install takes hours to download. And as many have said here, no box, no cool do-dads, etc..

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