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AA Neo Mockup

Obviously this is way too minimalist, but this is an idea of how the finished site could look.

I apologize for my lack of drawing abilities in advance.

Neo Editor Positions

When AA Neo gets launched, I think it would behoove us to organize the different Editor positions a bit better instead of having everyone be an "Editor."

At the very least, the positions we would need would be:

-- News Editor (Responsible for writing 1-3 updates to the News Blog/Section per day with commentary)

-- Editor (Copyedits articles for AA Neo-- Editing is an important part of the article writing process, both for correcting grammar errors and general logic flaws in the article itself)

-- Video/Podcast Editor (Not even sure if we want a Podcast on this site or not, but more video reviews would be fun-- Readers enjoyed our takes on classic games last time around)

AA Neo GUI Thoughts

Just was thinking about the current layout of the site and was thinking on how we could make it a bit easier to use. If we took the Recent Comments column and shifted it to the far right side, it would free up space for the Syndicate and Menu options to be on top of the left column.

The minimalism thus far of this new layout is quite nice, but coming to the main page and seeing a large list of the most recent comments is not the most inviting thing. A splash page might be nice-- I'm not talking about anything silly like having the AA mascot rap about the good old C64 days, but it would seem a bit more welcoming.

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