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My idea for the current (old) Armchair Arcade

If it hasn't been made clear before, I'd like to reiterate and open for discussion my thinking around the current (old) Armchair Arcade Website. I don't think it makes sense to convert any of the old stuff over to the new, save for some of the advertising/partnership stuff. Otherwise, we should leave the old stuff there with a link-back, somewhat similar to what is on Neo now up top. There are simply waaay too many links from countless external sources to specific pages on the old site that we'd immediately lose if it were shut down. When the new site is activated, the old site will be "frozen" from anything new on it, but will still have a persistent banner on top that will point to this new site. Maybe after x number of years we can do a full cut-over, but I'd HATE for us to waste any energy on converting old stuff over that is perfectly fine and stable as-is. We really need to work on kicking ass on the now, new and here.

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Private Discussions?

What will we use on the new Website for private AA admin discussions? Will the forums be appropriate for that, assuming we can hide them from everyone who is not part of AA? We also need a good place to store a master directory of user names and passwords for our various online stores and affiliations, since we have an open (financials) book policy here, which will not change.

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AA Neo: The Basics

Greetings, everyone. I'd like to start a discussion here about the direction we'd like to take AA Neo and hopefully form a coherent and exciting long-term vision for Armchair Arcade. Significantly, Drupal allows us some exciting possibilities for building a new and stronger community, but also a better means of creating, sorting, and distributing the high quality articles and news postings of the old site. Let me discuss some of the changes I'm personally most exicted about proposing.

First, Bill and I have been discussing the possibility of evolving from an issue-based format (like a print magazine) to an article-based format (like most web publications). Fortunately, this doesn't have to be an either/or decision. I submit that we take the best of both worlds. We write and publish articles on a "just-in-time" strategy that attempts to (a) strike critical issues when the timing is ripe, and (b) offers enough time for the editors to tweak and revise articles. This will allow us to keep up a steady stream of new features without suffering the dreaded "bottleneck" problems of issue-length publication. However, we don't have to give up on issues--far from it. Indeed, this method will allow us to create a backlog of features that can, at regular intervals, be compiled (and revised in light of reader feedback if necessary) into a downloadable PDF magazine. The "value add" of that magazine will be (a) cover art, (b) graphical layouts, and (c) print design. In short, the content on the site will be more focused on timeliness than design; we'll make up for that in the PDF magazines. My dream is that these PDF magazines will approach the design sophistication of online mags like The Escapist.

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