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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your great comments! That's what makes this stuff worth writing in the first place. Also, PLEASE don't forget to hit those buttons for Digg and the like. If you're active on other forums, please consider posting about this article. The more people that read it, the better!

Right now, I'm thinking the second installment will pick up in 1985 with the debut of Bard's Tale and Phantasie and extend until about 1993. This will be the "Golden Age," when Gold Box games were going strong. There are many games to cover here in-depth.

The third segment will cover the "Platinum Age" starting in 1994 (Elder Scrolls, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Diablo, etc.) I'll probably cut this off in 2002, just before games like Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Seige arrive, which I consider the beginning of the "Modern Age." I'm hoping to get all of this into one article, but I may have to break it into a fourth if it gets out of control.

Please list any of your favorite CRPGs that you definitely want to see covered in these future installments! They don't have to be fantasy-based, but they should at least be "CRPGs" in the classic sense (i.e., no matter what anybody says, Warcraft and Starcraft are NOT CRPGs). I'm also sticking to computer RPGs, but I will at least try to mention really vital console games like Dragonquest, Zelda, and Final Fantasy (however, my coverage will be very brief since Mat T. already covered most of this in his Dungeons to Desktops article.) However, my main interest with these console RPGs is how they influenced computer RPGs, so any input you have about that issue will be very helpful!

Again, thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! You guys are awesome!

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