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Amazing New Memory Expansion Unit Available for the Bally Astrocade!

Bally Astrocade enthusiasts Ken Lill and Mike White have just unleashed an amazing surprise on the Bally Astrocade community--a memory expansion unit for all of the extended memory games that were previously only playable with an expensive and very rare (even then) early 80's expansion unit. Bottom line, until this release, only a handful of people in the world have been able to play extended memory software on the Bally Astrocade, a system that greatly benefits from that option.

Here's a snippet of the initial press release from Ken Lill (pricing withheld by me at this time, but it's very reasonable):

This is a true 32K expansion unit that uses a "floating" type of memory.
It starts @ 5000 Hex and goes to CFFF Hex
However, the 5000 Hex area is also the D000 Hex area, 6000 - E000, and 7000 - F000

It will allow you to play ALL extended memory games, provided that you have the proper BASIC.

It will allow you to:

-* Play ALL WaveMaker's Blue Ram BASIC games
* Play Dragon's Castle, The ONLY known program written for Vipersoft BASIC,
* Allow you to have a contiguous memory from 5000 to 7FFF Hex using ASTRO (6004) or Bally BASIC (6002)

We have a "Start-Up" special for the Bally Alley group. This is for a LIMITED TIME. The Lil' WHITE RAM units
are selling for $xx.xx USD + shipping & handling. S&H varies depending on where they are going to and how you want it shipped.

THIS IS NOT "VAPOR" product!! We have them IN STOCK and ready to ship!

For further information please contact Ken Lill or Mike White.

Ken's e-mail address is

Here's an image:


I know I ordered mine!

Here are some facts from the BallyAlley YahooGroups mailing list:

- This RAM unit is the same (electronically) as a VIPER 5 minus the keyboard.
- This runs off of the Lite Pen 5V coming from the back of the Arcade. Ken has provided a CD with the installation instructions.

- Compatible--
1. Expanded RAM games on multicart
2. Vipersoft BASIC and Blue RAM BASIC carts
3. Vipersoft BASIC tape software
4. Expanded RAM software loaded through AstroBASIC
(like General Video Assembler)

-Not compatible--
1. Blue RAM BASIC tape software
2. Blue RAM Utility cart

"I THINK there is a way to play 4K Blue Ram games."


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