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Some questions...

Thank you, Christina, for an informative, thought-provoking post! You guys must eat very well at your house; I'm envious!

Personally, I consume lots of salmon, olive oil (extra virgin!), vegetables (not necessarily organic, but I'll buy the organic over "processed" when available), and a variety of juices and herbal teas (I'm going through a "pomegranite juice" phase right now). I don't snack (except an occasional bowl of plain popcorn when I'm watching a movie), consume a fair amount of honey (raw, or if I can find it, Manuka), and do crazy things like drink a water/apple cider vinegar/honey concoction I make (allegedly, there's significant health benefits there). On top of that, I take Omega-3 and vitamin supplements. I used to eat 6 smaller meals a day, but now am down to three (which is bad according to my diet plan). I never drink milk, organic or otherwise (except Soy milk), simply because I don't like it, and rarely eat bread (and when I do, whole wheat or rye).

All that having been said, I'm not immune to consuming heavily sugared coffee, colas, packaged "ramen" noodles, or canned chili... :-( And if I'm eating out, all bets are off!

One concern I have about eating "healthy" is the fact that eating "healthy" and eating "frugally" are mutually exclusive. I can afford it now (to some extent), but in my younger days, eating healthy was not an option. Juices vs. soda: soda is much cheaper. "Organics" vs. "processed:" no comparison. Ostrich meat??? Not an option, even if you can find it (I've never heard of it in my area). It's no wonder America is obese: Americans can't afford to be thin!

Some thoughts:

1) Trans fats. I'm not really that concerned about "trans fats," but it seems to me that many products that are advertised as "trans fat free" replace the trans fats with interesterified fats, which sounds like a scientific "cure that's worse than the disease" situation.

2) How many meals a day do you consume? Just curious.

3) Do you take supplements? Or do you derive all your nutrients from the foods you eat? (Theoretically, food nutrients should be enough, but I take supplements just in case!).

Okay, I can go on an on, but that's all for now. :-)

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