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Thank you for your very

Thank you for your very thoughtful response. :o) I was really surprised when Bill suggested posting this to Armchair Arcade, but I'm glad he did.

We try to eat as healthfully as possible, but of course we do make exceptions, especially if we are going out to eat or to visit family. You are right, eating healthy can be expensive, but we noticed that our grocery bill actually went down quite a bit when we stopped buying frozen dinners and prepared foods. Fortunately, we recently found a farm here where we can get organic milk super cheap--about $1.40 for a 1/2 gallon. We also have pretty large farmer's market nearby, which has relatively inexpensive produce. We've never had soda in the house, simply because neither of us like it--just causes our stomachs to feel like balloons. I would actually like to eat more salmon, but we don't eat it too often because Bill does not really care for it. So, to ensure we get our omega-3s, we tend to buy enriched orange juice and eggs. Your water/apple cider vinegar/honey concoction sounds very interesting. Is that like a colon cleanse? How often do you drink it?

I generally try to eat at least 4 meals a day, but it does not always work out. It is easier for me to eat better and more frequently when I am working at home. The days I go to the office, I tend to go out for lunch (I generally try to make healthier selections) and then don't eat again until dinner.

I basically just take a multivitamin and I've started to take some calcium. My mom has osteoporisis, so I know it is important for me to start getting more calcium and vitamin D. My grandmother had it as well, so I know the risk is definitely there.



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