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Soy Milk - not all good?

Soy contains high levels of isoflavones (also known as phytoestrogens) which may have unwanted side effects as it can mimic the effects of the human hormone estrogen. Most people associate estrogen with women as it is known as the female gender hormone. But it is a fact that both men and women produce estrogen and testosterone. Although each gender produces different quantities.
Those phytoestogens appear to regulate natural levels of estrogen in humans - it seems to act as estrogen when estrogen levels are low and it can act as an anti-estrogen when estrogen levels are high.
There are studies that have shown that sperm count has gone down in males consuming Soy compared to non-Soy consuming adult males. But there are also studies contradicting this. Also some studies have shown in increased occurrence of impotence in Soy-consumers and again there are studies contradicting this find. There are studies that have shown a reduction in male pattern baldness in males consuming Soy, but also numerous studies showing no effect.
The fact that there is an apparent dual modality of the phytoestrogens either acting as or counteracting as estrogen - depending on the occurring levels of estrogen in the blood - might explain the contradictory findings in the above mentioned studies.

Word of advice? If you want a full head of hair - go drink Soy! Well if the latter were the case I guess half of half of the world populatation (50% of males have some form of male pattern baldness) would be addicted to Soy....

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