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Chadwick (not verified)
Ah, Torment

Definitely one of the finest CRPGs of all time. You can analyze this game for a long time since it turns many long-standing gaming ideologies on their head. The most obvious is that you are not really punished for dying. You don't have to hope you have a recent saved game, and you don't have to backtrack a ton. In fact, there are a couple situations where you're *required* to die in order to advance the story line.

As for as games go, the story is amazing as well. It starts out with the clichéd amnesia (which I have a soft spot for anyway) but moves to some very interesting arcs from there. In fact, did you know that there was a book created from the dialog in the game? An actual printable, bindable book.

And Mark, shame on you for spending time with new GP2x Wiz handhelds instead of playing this game first. ;-)


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