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Late to the party as usual, and completely missed commenting on last weeks episode. Of course, the usual kudos for both recent episodes. Last week's Deja Vu episode actually inspired me to spend my Sunday playing three different graphic adventures, and they were fun! It's been a long time since I've played an "adventure" game, and I think my view of them has changed quite a bit over the years. I used to resist playing adventure games, considering them an exercise in ego-deflating frustration, but I've mellowed out on them a bit. I used to be too proud to resort to "hints," but now it doesn't bother me as much.

Anyway, about this episode.... this "Planescape" game seems completely up my alley, setting-wise. The graphics look very appealing, and the strong points you described in the game sound very intriguing. I don't mind heavy dialog if the dialog keeps the story moving and keeps me interested in the outcome. Bland, pointless dialog and side-plots seems to have killed my interest in many a game, particularly RPG's.

For example, in NeverWinter Nights, some bland-looking little girl comes up and expects me to find her dog. My thinking is "hey, I'm trying to save the world, I don't have time to find your dog. I'm a warrior, not a dog-catcher!" But apparently somehow finding the dog had something to do with moving the story forward. Needless to say, finding a dog didn't strike me as "thrilling magical adventure," and I lost interest shortly thereafter. It might have been different if the game successfully pulled at my heartstrings and compelled me to want to help the girl, but to me, the "girl" was just a character-less icon that I had no emotional investment in.

Another "selling point" of many games, particularly RPG's, is the "100+ hours of gameplay" feature. This actually tends to scare me away from a game, because it's very rare that I can stay invested in a game for that long, especially since it will probably take me double the amount of time to complete the game compared to the experienced CRPG'er. CRPG's are a genre that MUST have a great story for me to maintain intest to the conclusion.

I blogged not to long ago here about my first MMORPG, "Perfect World." My initial reaction was quite favorable, as evidenced by my blog about it. However, after performing a neverending series of "fetch it" quests, I became bored and gave up after achieving a level 11 character. "Go kill five giant beetles," "go collect 10 plants," "go kill 20 walking venus fly traps," and etc. etc. No story to keep my interest.

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