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Matt Chat 23 on Planescape:Torment

Hi, folks, it's time for another Matt Chat!

This week, I look at one of the lesser known but still excellent CRPGs of the "Platinum Age," the term I used in my book for the late 90s era of CRPGs. Planescape: Torment is one of Black Isle's best, based on the Infinity Engine. Black Isle had achieved fame before for their fabulous Fallout series, and their roots go back even deeper (as Interplay, which created Bard's Tale among others). Of course, they'd go on to create the party-based Icewind Dale series.

Enjoy the video! This one went smoothly. The only challenging part was getting the Fallout footage. For some reason, that program really hates FRAPS, and I'm not sure how else to record it. I had to run it in Dosbox, and that obviously led to its own set of problems. I guess that will preclude me from covering Fallout anytime soon.


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