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Nathanael (not verified)
I expect they'll be up a while
Mark Vergeer wrote:

better enjoy it while it lasts

Eli Simpson wrote:

How long until this gets shut down?

Hi, all.

I'm the proprietor of the site in question. In the spirit of abandonware, to preserve Infocom for future generations, I've had the games up for online play (though not download) for over five years. To date I've heard nary a lawyerly peep from Activision.

That said, the page linked to in the OP is down now, but only because I took it down during a site rebuild. The games are still available for online play (though not every version). Just go to the site home page, drill down to the game you're interested in, and click the "Play Now!" link. Requires Java, of course.

I really need to put up a redirect at the old url.



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