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Thanks, Matt. Yeah, I'm

Thanks, Matt. Yeah, I'm sure I could optimize it and all that, but I really didn't want to put the effort in beyond what I did. If someone wants it in PDF format, they just need to e-mail me for the link. I did save it as a higher resolution PDF than it probably needed to be, but I don't mind that (whoever wants it can down-convert it). Also, they can work with the raw JPGs via Flickr and do it themselves if they were so motivated, so lots of options there. Part of the issue naturally is that these aren't scans, but 10MP digital camera photos, which I just directly sent to PDF. It's not like anyone can really do anything with it at this point anyway until I'm able to generate IMG files from the disk because I don't recall ever seeing these games available anywhere and the other owners of these games have not put in the effort (or had the desire?) to make it available to others (and I'm only aware of one other owner of Nemesis, who has also made his manual available: [Note the Dungeon Master expansion] , and no other owners of Orbquest).

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