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Calibrator wrote:

And also for the link to the full manual (good site, BTW!).
While I knew both games beforehand from pictures and IIRC from Matt mentioning them in his book or here at AA I haven't seen as much info on them before. Really scarce. For a while I thought they were only text adventures!
Though I have no CPM system (real or emulator) and am not really interested in playing them I do think it's interesting to see what they have to offer and how they interface to the player.

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Probably not in Matt's book, but we do mention Nemesis in the Rogue Vintage Games bonus chapter: . I was able to throw that one in there because I found it on Howard Feldman's Website, which I linked to in an earlier comment. He actually sent me a 5.25" copy of the game he had, but I was not able to read it on any of my CP/M systems (and neither one of us had a usable 8" drive). I was lucky to stumble upon both Nemesis and Orbquest on eBay and with BIN prices I could actually afford, which is how they're now in my possession. Then it was just a matter of being further lucky to have an offer from Lorne Knowles to convert them for me from 8" disk to various 5.25" formats. He did that gratis, by the way. Very, very cool. Now it's up to me at some point to get them into IMG files.

I would suspect that they'd be tough to get into because of their almost pure text natures, but it is a rather pleasant experience (at least for me) doing stuff on a good CP/M machine. It's very much like doing things on the original IBM PC - it's really the same type of computer we're using today more or less, just in a more "raw" form, which is rather refreshing in today's world of hi-res GUI's and mouse control.

On a side note, it's actually criminal how little info there is on commercial CP/M games. Really, the only high profile CP/M games were the Infocom stuff (I believe Blue Chip might have released their popular Millionaire on there as well - another text only game). Part of this is due to the more professional nature of commercial CP/M systems and their origins and only hacker friendly assemble-it-yourself boxes, combined with the fact that only a few CP/M had graphics, and those were brand specific.

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