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Quick and Casual Look at the APF M/MP1000 and Imagination Machine

The APF M1000 (MP1000) is a game console first released in 1978. Less than a year later, the Imagination Machine computer add-on was released for the console. By 1980, just as the positive reviews were starting to roll in, APF, who made a name for itself with calculators and home Pong clones, went into a rapid decline and the systems onto the clearance circuit. (Some photos below the video... Note that the video had to go to Vimeo because of a YouTube incompatibility. If you want the HD version of the video, head to Vimeo.)

Armchair Arcade: Quick and Casual Look at the APF M/MP1000 and Imagination Machine from Bill Loguidice on Vimeo.

The Boxing cartridge:

The BASIC Interpreter cartridge:

An interesting bit of trivia a handful of us uncovered is that apparently the system and cartridge molds were re-used in the Emerson Arcadia 2001 series (and related systems) from the early 1980s, so in some small way the APF M/MP1000 didn't quite die off when we thought...


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