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The_Mighty_Thor (not verified)
Cheering FeedBack and Matt Chat Proposal

Hey Matt,

I recently stumbled upon your regular performances in coverage of video game classix old and new, having re-installed the Planescape: Torment evergreen only a few weeks before and having been searching for websites devoted to this uncut gem.

Well, let me put it frankly: U had earned my sympathy from the moment I saw the C64 intro to your vids, and seeing the person of yours, as well as your great collection of stuff in the background, I knew I was (virtually) sitting across from a kindred spirit :)

I am 30 years old, and have been a video gamer (alongside pen & paper RPGs in my latter life) since about 1983, when my brother and me got our ATARI VCS 2600 as an x-mas present... sure to rekindle memories in you as well. After this, for the next 25 years, we grew through EVERYTHING there was: The ATARIs, the COMMODOREs, the SEGAs, the NINTENDOs, the x86s, the Pentiums, the Playstations, the Portables ... well, you get the idea :)

Nowadays, me and me 2 bros are retro junkies par excellence, if u can put it like this, and the two young ones even have become game developers themselves ... if ya gots the spare time, check out and for the pro`s business and leisure company (the latter mostly doing remakes of titles from the glory days, u just HAVE TO check out the Turrican remake called HURRICAN), as well as for the soon-to-be-pro`s newly founded flash game business company :)

Well, much talk now, my original intent had been to comment on your great work, I really appreciate the Matt Chat videos, and I am grateful that, despite the recess and decadent decline in this superficial, fast paced age, especially concerning things like art, music, games, creativity, culture, depth, truth, integrity and long haired dudes, there still -and ever will- exist some special ppl the likes of which could be the twin brothers of yours truly and his mates :D

Keep up the good work, Matt, and since I haven´t overlooked it (for not having watched ALL episodes of Matt Chat yet), how about taking into account one of the truly greatest, grandest and most epic CRPGs ever made - alongside all the others you HAVE already reviewed- ... Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon !

Looking forward to more Matt Chat, and Best Regards from across the pond !


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