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Matt Barton wrote:

I'd like to hear Mark's opinion on it, but I don't see anything "wrong" with her, really. Just a girl having a good time. She probably didn't realize her video would get so much negative attention.

When I say "wrong", besides being morbidly obese, which is obvious, I wonder if she has mobility or other issues either the cause of or related to that. Regardless, good for her, as no matter her actual motives or motivation, it takes a lot of guts putting yourself out there in public in any profound capacity like that. On good days, a ridiculously high percentage of people use the power of Internet anonymity to be arseholes in one way or another, let alone on a typical day. Someone has a problem with someone else, no matter who they are, and sometimes just because they feel like it. One of the wicked elements of human nature.

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