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Prophet64 SID Music Software System Cartridge Released for the Commodore 64/128

Prophet64 SID Music Software CartridgeProphet64 SID Music Software CartridgeAs readers of Armchair Arcade know (see Matt Barton's "The Rise and Fall of Game Audio"), the Commodore 64 (C-64/128) is a unique sound machine, not out of place itself as an instrument with its powerful SID chip. The Prophet64 has finally been released and it looks to help take the venerable Commodore system to a higher level of audio integration in today's world (click here to see another interesting modern C-64 sound integration option).

From the Website:


Prophet64 is a suite of very user friendly music applications for the Commodore 64 platform.

Designed to hook up to modern MIDI equipment with either DIN-sync or third party MIDI interfaces, it makes your old computer become a highly useful music tool.

The software is distributed on a hardware cartridge that plugs right into the back of your C64.

No disk or tape loading, just plug and play!

The Cartridge contains the whole suite of applications.

You can read more about them in the links on the right side bar.

With an array of music software that mimics modern and classic sequencing devices through versatile user interfaces, Prophet64 opens the door for everyone who wishes to explore the world of the legendary audio circuit (the "SID") in the Commodore computers.

Instead of collecting dust in the closet, you can put your C64 at work right beside the synthesizer rig in your studio today! Add some in-fashion bleeps and blops to your latest track, an extra bass flavor, an additional lead sound or why not an 8-bar break with Rob Hubbard drums?

The possibilities are endless.
The cartridge is only 39 EUR
(worldwide shipping and handling fees included!)


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