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I agree, clock. Even when

I agree, clock. Even when seeing Avatar, the 3D wasn't perfect. It wasn't rock solid--I frequently found myself adjusting the glasses and so on and in general being distracted by it. It can even get annoying, needlessly distracting you from the film to go "oooooo, ahhhh" when some dust particles float towards you or what-not. What we really need is some way to make the things more solid and less dependent on perspective and such. Again, the Time Traveler hologram game came close there--it looked great. I guess that tech turned out to be untenable.

I remember being really into the stereoscopic stuff for awhile, squinting at images and such. I also enjoyed my 3D Viewfinder toy as a kid. Even those tend to have more of a "ooooh, ahhh" effect than anything serious or truly artistic. Maybe it's just the way the stuff is presented, but I've yet to see many applications for this stuff where it really made sense and just couldn't have been as effectively without the tech. It's kinda like we're stuck in the FMV era of PC gaming, where people keep thinking the key is more and more FMV rather than a new type of game (i.e., Doom).



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