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Japanese Internet Cafes Do Not Sux0r!

I am browsing the Internet right now from an Internet Cafe in Japan and I have to say that the way they do Net Cafes over here is excellent.

I have sampled about 5 different Net Cafes, but the one I am in now is far and away the best: Manboo.

Despite its unfortunate name, for 200 Yen an hour you get a private cubicle, a nice leather chair, headphones, a high speed internet connection, and a big screen TV. You can check out mangas and DVDs to browse in your cubicle just like in a library.

The best part? Drinks are on the house. Hot coffee, hot tea, cold coffee, sodas, slurpees-- all for free. Considering that in a Japanese cafe a drink often costs between 200-400 yen, this is quite a deal!

While the setup for Japanese Internet Cafes is quite similar no matter where you go, the rates are often more expensive, ranging from 200 Yen for 15 minutes to more!

If you want to shell out more money at a Manboo, you can get a more spacious cubicle for couples with a PS2 or X-Box. The DVD selection ranges from anime to live-action Japanese films to Japanese porn (this is Tokyo, after all).


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