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i did love my GP2X, quite

i did love my GP2X, quite possilby my favorite handheld. If battery life was just a bit more I might still be using it. Outdated today (emulation speed wise) but it was amazing when it came out the stuff it could do. The battery life of rouhgly 4 hours was "almost" good enough, but not quite. And the horribly thumbstick (i have an early one). Still mine got used alot when new. An updated version might just entice me. Price is a factor for me, keeping it as close to $100 means I might take a look ($150 is almost to much for somthing I KNOW will just sit on the shelf with my PSP, DS, etc..). I will have to read up more on this. It appears to have a better stick and otherwise the same button layout with larger screen and the "standard" accelerometer and vibration everybody adds now day (to suck battery life).. vibration.. hope you can turn it off.

We do have a glut of Gee-Whiz toys now days dont we?


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