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This sounds like a boneheaded

This sounds like a boneheaded system to me. I guess the idea is to try to catch dishonest developers who hide or lie about obscene content in their games. I think at the heart of it, though, is the lingering idiocy that all games are intended for small children and anything adult-oriented should be left out. Then there's the problems with online content; obviously developers can't be held responsible for everybody who chooses to cuss or whatever else they want in multiplayer.

That said, it is a lot easier to watch a 2-hour movie and assign it a fair rating than it is to play through a 40+ hour videogame. It'd be so easy to slip something past a censor, such as a blowjob in small town on some obscure corner of a map with 300 locations. I mean, who is really going to play through every possibility just to see if something like that slipped in? Nobody.

So, I guess maybe there is a need for something like this, since arguably only a computer has the patience to really comb through a game like that. I'd just hope that a human being would be on hand to evaluate the stuff the computer identified as questionable rather than just automatically assign a higher rating.



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