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Matt's Wednesday Queue

Here's my take on the hottest news for Wednesday, May 18th.

PSN logins exploited again, Sony takes pages offline. Sony in consultations with TSA to improve security; new system utilizes The PlayStation Eye and requires taking off shoes and submitting to nude-ray scan.

New Xbox 360 update incompatible with some models, MS offering replacements. Don't worry, folks, this update just features those new DRM features you requested. Oh, wait--you didn't request those???

Coffee Wards Off Cancer. Specifically, this is for prostate cancer--you know, that organ that becomes increasingly useless with coffee breath and yellow teeth. Mmm!

Netflix Passes Piracy in U.S. Net Traffic. Interesting how convenience does more to stop piracy than DRM. Oh, wait, that's a stoopid lesson to learn!!! Go Microsoft!!!

New Solar Product Captures Up to 95 Percent of Light Energy. Product based on my skin after 10 minutes exposure to sun. Hey!!! Don't touch there, it hurts!


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