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My last NAME BRANd hand held

My last NAME BRANd hand held was the DS, and I guess the PSP, i have several of the Linux OS ones, i cant keep from messing with them. But the Lynx holds the most fond flashbacks. To this day I sill fire it up once and awhile (more than any other). I do agree th battery pack was bad.. but when mine was new Im pretty sure i was in the 4+ area...not so bad really but when you consider its arch enemie lasted far longer, it did look bad. And ( i use ac on mine nowdays) didnt it hold like 6 or 8 double AA? alot of batteries for the day too, not to mention the wieght. By the time the Handhelds came out the ARCADE games didnt interest me as much as in my youth, i understood they where made ot suck quarters by then, they where not made to be beat.. though alot still could be with some intense learning and playing. So having them on the handheld seemed to be somewaht a waste. To be totally honest I had a gameboy and hated it, the games seemed like a slight step up from the cheap one game handehelds and watch games of the day.. NOW i know thats wrong, but the smudging screen, b&w graphics etc.. it just seemd like a step bak instead of ahead. The turbo Graphics and NOMAD where the ones i had the most interst in... console game, not ports, not bunged toghter games using a good games name.. the actuall game i played on the console.

But that lynx got hours from me.. I picked mine up whn ToysRUs closedthem out.. half price, and all the games where $9 I think I spent $3-400 that day and got all the stuff I could. I think i onlky have abut 30 games.. a few i loved.. SLIME WORLD (that game alwasy seemd to throw somthing new at you, but I thinkt he maze building engine needed tweeks, it seemd it somtimes made impossilbe ones) RYGAR and TOKI both whre excellent arcade ports. And the WWI plane combat game rocked (if a bit to simple once you knew it) sorry dont rember the name.

one note.. my EX GF boy had all my handhelds at one time, the one he loved the most (and only one he didnt break was my Lynx.. today it looks like it was drug behid a car at 60 mph.. (screen is nice yet, but rest is nasty looking).. thouhg he may have liked it the most cuz I did too.


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