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Well, I'd hate to turn this

Well, I'd hate to turn this into a Jaguar topic, but why not? Naturally, the primary reason the Jaguar failed is the same reason why so many other systems, like the CD32 and Dreamcast, failed in comparison to the competition at the time--the company behind the console was too financially weakened for anything outside of a Wii-like success to save the console, and in turn, the company.

I like to play in the realm of observable power, mostly, rather than theoretical power. The Jaguar is the poster console for skewing heavily towards the latter rather than the former by its most hardcore enthusiasts. They always talk about how powerful it is if only it could be tapped, etc. The fact is, if it does indeed have more power than was shown by the limited development done in its prime, it still has yet to be shown. Based on purely what's available in their respective libraries, the 3DO is more powerful, let alone the Saturn and PS1.

I actually kind of like the Jaguar, despite the weak library. I like the keypad on the controller, though hate the standard three button controller (bad ergonomics for me). The Pro controller on the other hand is superb. That's kind of the tale of the Jaguar, though. It was kind of released half-baked and by the time some improvements came out, like the CD-ROM add-on or the six button controller, it was already too late.



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