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Oh sorry Im not trying to

Oh sorry Im not trying to make it sound like the JAG was some powerhouse, it wasnt.. like i say, it was a year ahead of the consoles it was compared too. Most of my comments on power are based of people like Rebellion (who programed for all 3 and said it was close to a wash, except the Jag was the hardest to actually program on) keep in mind Rebelion didnt do 3D games at the time, it was more 3d like DOOM, not real 3D, and where the one success ont eh JAG so they may be a tiny bit biased :) And pure number cruching (most of which is atari specs), which we all know does not add up to real world performance.. I do agree very few games (if any) really proved it could do anything better. Heck very few proved it could do anything at all.

Ah but yes the Lynx.. I just hit up ebay.. I may just pick anotehr one up as mine is so beat up (and the large original one) a Lynx2 with 10 games looks like I can get one for about $60 ish.. yet another impulse pruchase.. err maybe not.. I may just pad out my game collection, loks like alot go for about $5, not to bad really. I kinda wanna play some SLIMEWORLD :)

Star control: one of my fovorite games, but I played it on a PC (i do have it for my 3DO.. i kinda truned into a game HORDER about that time.. those consoles failing, lots of $9 games .. I sure dont have them all, but I have almost every release (usa) for the 3DO.. I used to play SLAYER and DEATHKEEP ( correct name?) on the 3DO for hours.. and Imercenary (still say a great quirky game) and Forever War (again, correct name?) a strange Clay looking RPG that was awsome at that time (alot of the JOB type gameplay has been used lots since (and probebly before too)). there was some dang cool gmes ont eh 3DO... Shockwave, Wing Commander (it had some enhancement for the 3DO if I remeber right).. now I wanna dig that out!


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