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no way
Matt Barton wrote:

Well, CLok, maybe you should go in with us, particularly if you have the stat/number crunching aspect down.

ehhe Im a talker, not a do'er I love spreading my evil ideas in chat forums (well.. thats an overstatment, I dont post much of anywhere else). You guys amaze me with the ability to write books. I tried ot write a short story, think i was at about 200 pages (err 100 if you think both sides), not so amazing as it took me like 7 years to get that much, and sadly it wasnt very good, much like games, its really hard to write something that doesnt sound like its a copy of something else.

As far as a book like that, I actually think there is a market for it, but alot of people are not going to like to see there pristen copy of "the SIMS" is worthless :) it wpould take alot fo work, that I know, and its a pretty nitch market, and I can see alot of backlash with "fair" prices. Not to mention.. Ultima with Cloth map, without, with original cloth map, with cheaper cloth map... its a task that is quite exstensive. the upside is when pricing.. you cant be wrong :) only off.

A shadowkeep question... Why did this game get a book? as its rare (or so it seems) it wasnt a huge sales success (just a guess), why was a book wrote? has anybody read the book? is it good?


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