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Didnt the GORF game for the

Didnt the GORF game for the 2600 have all stages? Man its sad, I played the crap out of that game, and I cant remeber at all if they where all in the 2600 or not now. I love the old games, but the 2600 is just hard to play (for me) nowdays. At first I put it down to the graphics and limited gameplay, but thats not it. I can play hours of Discs of Tron, astrosmash, space Spartans on the Intellvision.. so its not the limited gameplay. I grew up with the 2600, I had all the classics I got Most of the activision patchs, I had a Starpath. But for some reason when i fire up some old loved 2600 game i just cant hang in there and play them. I sure dont think the Intellvison has better graphics.. but for some reason the games (the specific ones) appeal to me still at this age (more). I know I have the coleco stuff on my arcade machine, but dont really care for any of those anymore either. I do like to relive the past a bit, but they simply dont hold me the way they once did. I still enjoy a game of DK Jr :) 20-30 minutes is it though.

Playing with a countdown.. I know I always did better at games when i was under pressure or simpldy didnt care. Ever have that game of Pinball (or video game) where you have to go so you just sorta dont care, but are not quiting till the game is over.. and all the sudden yourin the zone, you didnt try to be, heck you almost tried not to be.. and the game goes on and on... and you know you gotta go, but all the sudden your doing great...?


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