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I agree, cutscenes are

I agree, cutscenes are overdone. I know the game makers are in touhg spot, we all want more story, but as Matt stated earlier NObody reads anything anymore, you click throuhg it and... as all games lead you on a leash to your destination or goal nowdays (anotehr reason nobody reads, why? its all doen for you anyways ( the figureing out).. and the real problem is most people while they wont say it LIKE it that way.. the one ones who spend the money have voted. And before I sound all "uppity" I'm one of them.. KINDA.. I look at how WOW has evolved with quests.. I was a HARDCORE everquest person and WOW was quite simply Childs play compared to it, no danger, no penelty for dying, Heck once you have the game down with its abilities/specials ettc.. you can escape pretty much every bad situation. Not so IN EQ, if you made mistakes, got in to deep you died.. no escape. Wow was not my type of game when it came out, to simple to easy.. but with time I noticed soem of that was nice from time to time. I could get somewhere in WoW without huge investments of time. It maybe was at satisfiing, but it had its moments. Time proved WoW while much easier was fun too. Just a differnt type of fun. One has to decide what type of fun you liek the most, HARD long queststaht you have to figure out, or short simple ones that the location and plans are laid out for you. One must admit spending a week figureing out a location or 10 minutes can be a a big draw, you get to see much more game guickly. Of course easy means less fufuilment (at least for me) a level that takes 10 minutes and comes quickly cant have the same sence of acomplishmnet one that you HAD to figure out you had to be carefull, a death ment probebly hours of repeat work. I recently started Forsaken World ( f2Play MMORPG) its very WoW like but . it has one featuer that I find nice and hate at the same time. Quests are like all otehr games.. bu t says " kill 10 snakes and loot 10 eggs and come back to me" the uest dialog would have SNAKES, EGGS, AND quest givers NAME all highlighted. you click on snakes and the game will actually RUN your charcter to the snakes. once you kill 10 and get your eggs ( no looting, if dead creature had anything it is auto looted) you click on quest givers name and you automaticly run back to said person.. so your only descisions are the actual battle and where you put your skills. After a few hours of this in the early levels its kinda nice as you dont know where anything is.. but it quickly becomes boring.. and kinda eliminates what I like about games, exploring and figuring them out. But it really seems the common people who buy games like this far more then the old way of figuring it themsleves.

I think we all have to face it, the most common buyer likes his content easy. Which can lead to game completion which is the end reward and you can consume more (which makes the companies who sell us this content very happy).


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