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Let me introduce myself.
My name is Juris, i am Lead Engine/Game Programmer
for ANN-Tech. Team.

I would like to share with you the project that me, and my
Artist/Designer were working on for a while and it is almost done.

It is a Engine/Game for iPhone, iPad.
It is our first full project from a scratch.

It is a Score Based Airplane game with Online Top 10 Hi Score Board.

It is Almost Done.

We are Crafting every pixel. We want it to be as professional as possible,
speed wise, graphics wise, gameplay wise. e.t.c.

We coded Online Score Board from Scratch using
PHP and DF SDK, so that took around 2-3 weeks to complete and trace bugs
as i never coded for web before.

Our game has a lot of animation, and is very optimized.
Planing to launch our project sometime in October, after iPhone 5 comes out.
Project is done, just fixing up some Art and Hunting some bugs. Still Optimizing too.

I personally love our Online Top 10 Players and Lighting Effect.

We will drop few Promo-Codes here for you guys and you Matt.

Here few screens from our latest build.

This is Beta Build 10.039 of the Engine/Game, and screenshots do not
reflect the quality of final build of the project as few more features are yet
to be implemented/tested/changed.






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