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RetroGaming RoundUp 40 - Wink Martindale Has My Hair (October 2011 Podcast)

Our friends over at the RetroGaming Roundup Podcast have released their October 2011 episode. Check below for the contents of their latest production:


Editorial: The Game Room Pt2 - (00:00)
Retro Regurge: Miner 2049er - (25:26)
Dragon 32/64 Computers - (29:27)
Hardware Flashback: Williams PHOF (3DS) - (48:51)
Williams PHOF (3DS) Rebuttal - (61:34)
Guinness Gaming Records - (75:40)
Geoff Edwards Interview Pt2 - (77:18)
Top Ten Game Controllers - (124:42)
Gaming Trivia - (257:35)
The British Hour - (259:53)
Live News And Listener Views - (272:49)
20 Questions - (372-54)
You Be My Princess Peach (The Disco King) - (374:53)
URLs And EMails - (377:24)


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