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Space Rangers 2 trailer
Bill Loguidice wrote:

You're killing me, Rob! I just bought "Space Rangers 2: Dominators" and "Freespace 2". The former I never heard of (but clearly should have) and the latter I always wanted. I hope there's nothing else I'm "forced" to get!

I've managed to keep my game purchases surprisingly low during the holiday season. It seems I have most of the games I wanted already from GoG, so I've only purchased three so far, and one of them was a repurchase of "Space Rangers 2." I've yet to purchase anything from Steam, but they have the daily "Wishlist Giveaway" drawing that I participate in.

As for Space Rangers 2, I have the original CD version, but the Starforce copy protection system was a barrier to playing. Now I don't need the CD's and can just play straight from the hard drive. :-)

I just read the user reviews on GoG, and some people are reporting problems running Space Rangers 2 on a Windows 7 64-bit system! I hope you don't get burned by this!

Here's an apparently unofficial trailer for "Space Rangers 2." It doesn't show the text adventure portions, but it does show you the 3D real-time strategy portions and the top-down shooter sections. And, of course, the turn-based ship battle sections. This video should give viewers some idea of what they're getting into with "Space Rangers 2."


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