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I may have to dig mine out..

I may have to dig mine out.. yours looks so small from what i remeber of mine (its been in a box for at least 20 years, probebly longer.. ).. I think we went through this before. Mine is black and has red keys im sure.. and I know it has a cassette in it.. I know I picked it up on a close out at some closout store i think with an Intellvison II (which wouldnt work with it as it didnt fit in the bay where you put teh intellvison, luckily i had na original one too) cool, but even for its day it was pretty worthless compared to my "real" pcs.. which would have been the Vic -20, atari 400 and TI 994a at the time i believe. I wish i had kept collecting back then.. the best stuff was the cheapest stuff nobody wanted.. I had a soft spot for the intelvisiion.


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