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clok1966 wrote:

I may have to dig mine out.. yours looks so small from what i remeber of mine (its been in a box for at least 20 years, probebly longer.. ).. I think we went through this before. Mine is black and has red keys im sure.. and I know it has a cassette in it.. I know I picked it up on a close out at some closout store i think with an Intellvison II (which wouldnt work with it as it didnt fit in the bay where you put teh intellvison, luckily i had na original one too) cool, but even for its day it was pretty worthless compared to my "real" pcs.. which would have been the Vic -20, atari 400 and TI 994a at the time i believe. I wish i had kept collecting back then.. the best stuff was the cheapest stuff nobody wanted.. I had a soft spot for the intelvisiion.

Yes, I do believe we discussed this before. Man, if you have the Keyboard Component for the Intellivision, you've been holding out on us! I've been jonesing for one of those forever. I recommend if you do have that, you sell if for the several thousands of dollars that it's worth, though I'll be happy to Paypal you $500 right now. ;-) There were only around 4,000 made and most of those were sent back and destroyed. Of the few that survive, fewer still having working tape decks.

The Aquarius doesn't work with the Intellivision. It has nothing to do with it. It's a stand alone computer. The add-on computers for the Intellivision were the limited release Keyboard Component (the big thing with the built-in cassette deck that the Intellivision sat in), then the Enhanced Computer System (ECS), which was an add-on that matched up with the Intellivision II in styling and was much simpler. Both the ECS add-on and the Aquarius computer could share the same tape deck and printer, though, but otherwise had nothing to do with each other. I have several ECS add-ons for the Intellivision.



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