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My childhood recollection of the Aquarius...

I just thought I'd share a recollection while it was still floating around in my mind... My closest group of childhood friends and I all owned different computers back then. For instance, after selling off my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20, we got a Commodore 64. That joined my Atari 2600 that I already owned, and eventually a refurbished ColecoVision from Job Lot (or was it Odd Jobs?), a type of close-out store. Job Lot/Odd Jobs had a reasonable collection of videogame stuff, mostly first and third party Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision cartridges if I recall correctly. They also had Aquarius stuff and even had an Aquarius kiosk where you could try the thing out. I have a very vivid memory of typing "Hello" (or was it "Help"?) on the thing and it displaying a response back or some such thing, which delighted me. Anyway, the bundle was fairly cheap and it only got cheaper over time. I think even the kiosk went away and it got cheaper still for the various configurations (one bundle even included that little printer too). I never did convince my parents to get me one - the ColecoVision was probably victory enough - but I really wanted one (my technology lust was strong even then). My friend Kenny, who had an Atari 800XL if I recall correctly (it *might* have been a 600XL, but I'm pretty sure it was an 800XL), did score an Aquarius, if memory serves (I'll see if I can check with him). This was in contrast to my friend Brian, who was sporting an Apple IIe (a hand-me-down from an older brother who moved to a IIc) and never did get another system of any type, and my friend Glenn, who first got I think a clearance TI-99/4a (it eventually made it down to $50, like the Vectrex - the TI-99/4a never did pick up again in value, but the Vectrex sure did!), then an Apple IIc (I don't think it was a IIe), and then eventually a Commodore 64 (for the games). I eventually added a dirt cheap Coleco Adam to my collection a year or two later through a classified ad in the paper (and boy, was the high speed tape drive on that a finicky bastard). Funny what we remember...



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