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Working Through My Collection: The Mattel (Radofin) Aquarius (02)

I didn't get much of an opportunity like I hoped for after my first entry to continue working with my Mattel Aquarius collection through this past weekend, but I did get the stuff cleaned up, a bit better organized, and also cataloged, which I'll share in this post. I'm now at least at a good point where I can dive right in, and thanks to suggestions from some of our members, like Rowdy Rob, I also have something of a plan of how I want to share videos and other content that give a sense of working with the computer before I move on to other stuff.

Mattel (Radofin) Aquarius games
The software...

Here's the full list of the items presently in my collection (as always, I'm interested in selling or trading any duplicates):

  • "N"-Vaders in cassette case
  • 16K Memory, boxed
  • 2x hand controllers (loose)
  • 32K Memory (4K homebrew conversion), boxed in 4K box
  • 4K Memory, boxed
  • 4K Memory, boxed
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarrmin Cartridge, boxed
  • Aquaricart (homebrew), boxed in Nightstalker packaging
  • Aquarius User Issue 4 Volume 1, The Official Journal of the Aquarius Users Club (Running the Country on an Aquarius)
  • Astrosmash, boxed
  • Astrosmash, boxed
  • Biorythms, boxed
  • Burgertime, loose cartridge, overlays
  • Chuckman in cassette case
  • D-Fender, loose cassette
  • Ed On in cassette case
  • FileForm, boxed
  • Froggy, loose cassette
  • Games Pack 3 (Mad Mould, Invisible Outline, Alient Attack, Cute Cubes), loose cassette
  • Gridbug in cassette case
  • LOGO, boxed
  • LOGO, boxed
  • Mattel 4210 printer, loose
  • Mattel Aquarius Computer and Game System bundle with computer keyboard, mini expander, and 4 cartridges box; includes Mini Expander with box and two controllers, system with box and RF cable, two program catalogs, miscellaneous papers, Simplified Instruction Cards, Guide to Home Computing 
  • Mattel Aquarius system, loose, BASIC keyboard overlay
  • Mattel Aquarius system, loose, BASIC keyboard overlay, missing trap door
  • Mattel Data Recorder, loose in box
  • Mattel Guide to Home Computing - Loose
  • Mattel Mini Expander (hacked, with active/inactive switch), loose
  • Mattel Mini Expander, loose
  • Mattel Simplified Instruction Cards - Loose
  • Mattel Simplified Instruction Cards - Loose
  • Millypede in cassette case
  • Night Stalker (Nightstalker), boxed, plus extra manual and overlay set
  • Postman Pat, loose cassette
  • Radofin Aquarius pack-in cassette in cassette case (Stalactite, Macho-Man, Torment, Cute Cubes, Alien Quest, Mad Mould)
  • Radofin Aquarius system in box, BASIC keyboard overlay, Guide to Home Computing manual and miscellaneous papers, RF cable, cassette cable
  • SNAFU, boxed
  • SNAFU, boxed
  • Space Ram, loose cassette
  • Tron Deadly Discs, boxed
  • Utopia, boxed


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