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retroc64 wrote:

I agree with your comment about being punished. Yet again, dying is silly if you just start at the same position or close.

Imagine the achievement of someone beating Donkey Kong and someone beating Mass Effect? Nobody would doubt that Donkey Kong was a real achievement.

I am not saying everything needs to be difficult, but if you don't start at the beginning in a game when you die, then eliminate dying altogether, and replace it with a reward system that you mentioned.

I just think it gets down to the smae thing it alwasy does.. AGE. as we grow older we all look at the past and see it with a bit of a rose tint. I stand by my assesment that we enjoy some things alot more when we are at specific ages. Most of us get our first car int he late teens, most of us played our first video game sin our early teens (at least us old guys).. etc.. We will remeber that alot more fondly then our 1000th game... I would bet if oyu took the "best" game from 1990 and gave it to 1000 games who where born born in 1990.. most would not think it lived up to the best game today.. So does it make it a bad game? NOPE.. just a game froma differnt time. The world moves on. We can be stuck int he past. or enjoy the past and the current and look forward to the future... I have almost never met a game I didnt enjoy in some way.. sure every game has weak spots.. every game wont appeal long term, but dang near every game I have played has been fun in some way, be it 15 minutes or 5 years of play. its human nature to compare, but trying to say the only good game are from the past is sorta defeatist.. in 20 years the guys who loves todays game will be sayign the EXACT same thing about games in 20 years.. where just getting old ( well some of us).


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