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Let's dont be world leading ignorants, becaue we are too hard..

Mass effect 1&2 is mass market good game 7/10 game. These games have a lot of errors, but certainly not stupid.

They should be far deeper (more that tombraider shooter, with few "spells" and items, but also relatively good story, choices and settings).

Its like fastfoods, some mass market pieces are realy scum, some are pretty good, even if they are for majority of people. Week ago Matt reviewed Gothic its realy mass AAA title for german players (they are very rpg/adventure oriented), Gothic wasnt hard enough for Shadows of the Riva and Albions fans, but still it was very good game.
Another proof Jade empire (yeah i know "new" western china setting), is very similar case, not soo much deep, but still good game, this is not black and white case. Mass effect's setting is for me definitly more intering that very fantasy generic Baldurus gate settings, even if im much bigger fan fantasy that scifi.

Im big fan you old games, im now playing 18 years old game for long time, but im not hypocrite, Mass effect with possility port character to new game isnt bad game.

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