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It's more art than game, but...
Matt Barton wrote:

Excellent work, Bill! Those pictures are definitely sexy. I only wish more artists would follow that style instead of the horrifically overdone anime style.

I must admit to not being a fan of the game though. I know, blasphemy, but to me it's just an awesome tech demo--kinda like the seventh guest. Just not fun once you get past the appeal of the tech.

I agree on the artistry. It's a shame that most visual styles seem to err on the anime side of things these days. There are so many other criminally underused visual styles out there! With that said, I have to say there have been improvements in this area (Rayman Origins, Limbo, etc.), so I hope this upward trend of visual diversification continues...

I also agree on Dragon's Lair being more of an awesome tech demo than an awesome game, though it is a fine example of a very specific type of genre. It's no coincidence that Dragon's Lair is still ported and re-ported to this day, while most other laser disc games (and latter day FMV games in general) are passed over or all but forgotten. Dragon's Lair is like the total package, with intriguing characters, rich visualizations, and approachable, if not completely interactive, gameplay. Certainly one thing in Dragon's Lair's favor is that the audio-visuals age really well and it can still be used to show off that new iPad or Blu-ray player. While some may argue it's cheating because it's just cell animation, it's still a game, and they still count as audio-visuals, and that's saying a lot for a game released almost 30 years ago.

Dragon's Lair is actually also an important lesson/predictor for what will eventually come--at some point we'll reach a technological singularity where reality will be perfectly modeled. Only then for the first time will we no longer have a need for a game like Dragon's Lair and the technological limitations imposed on its gameplay.



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