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Thanks a lot, guys. I went

Thanks a lot, guys. I went ahead and picked them up, too. I have no idea how to get something like this on iPhone or Android, though. How would the controls work? How do you get it in the apps store or whatever Android has? I'm pretty much clueless.

Edit: Did some quick research about the iOS version. You need to be working on a Mac first off. Not a big deal since I have one from SCSU. I'm guessing it's a bit more complicated than just dragging the project folder onto it and compiling it with the Mac version of Unity, but perhaps it really is that simple.

Also will need a developer's membership from Apple, and that's $99 per year. Guess that's not too bad, but I have no clue what kind of money I could expect to make. Can I really expect 99 people to buy it even at 99 cents? I'd probably be lucky if a dozen people bought it. I have an iPhone 4 but no iPad.

Android development looks pretty confusing. As far as I can tell, you pay $25 to register on the android marketplace. Unfortunately, what I read claims that the profits you make are only 25% of Apple's. Hardly seems worth bothering with! Interestingly, there seems to be lots of alternatives to the marketplace. My wife has an Android phone, so I might be able to talk her into letting me test it out.

Anybody got experience with any of this? Like to hear how you did it and whether you think this game could be a fit on the app store or marketplace.



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