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Matt Barton wrote:

It's too bad I had nothing like this back when I was 15 or 16. I probably would have played it six times a day. 8)

when you whre young youmust have had enouhg stamina to play to more than six times a day didnt you :)

This game is actually quite good, funny and yes.. Sexy for sure.. i would recomend it (its bargin bin prices nowdays) if you like Devil May Cry/God Of War type gameplay ( i do). This game as Chris says was designed from the top to bottom to have a character like her. The best part, the game doesnt suffer for it, in fact it almost "fits" with the witch, devils, etc.. stuff. many of her attacks are even "fetish" releated in some small way. The game basicly walks that fine line where its still a game you can sell to kids (though im pretty sure its rated for adults) who wont notice the inundo (the constant cuzzing is another thing) and adults will catch the 'adult" parts..


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