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Sadly, I agree. When there no automaps it was only natural to draw, but with automaps I can`t force myself to shut them down, human nature, I suppose. Don`t like the game at all, it`s like 3d-shooter to me, when you running ahead, clicking-clicking-clicking, killing all on your way. I mean, when played Wizardry I feared to do one wrong step and when I was "lucky" enough to encounter pack of ninjas, well, I can`t describe how angered and excited I was. This game feels different, there no excitement in it - you can`t lost your way or encounter monster hu kills all your party, and will have no other way then start a new one. I think that old games must stay in the past, there no place for them here.

You're the first person that I've seen not like it outside of those who think it's "too old", which is sort of what you're implying I guess. If you can escape with at least party member alive, you can sometimes make it to a blue crystal and everyone gets brought back to life. That's exciting and was the very type of story I related in the other thread. I can see how the game is not for everyone, but it really is an excellent game. It's like how I despise playing Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine, for instance, but I can acknowledge that they're excellent games, just not for me...



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