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Matt Barton wrote:

Hm...interesting options. Seems like the A600 might be worth holding out for, since it seems like the most compact of the bunch. I remember my dad talked one of his friends into buying one, which I thought was a bad idea (even as an Amiga fan; I knew the brand was dying at that point). Still, it might be better for a modern enthusiast than a 500. I guess my top preference is a 1200, since then I could check out the AGA stuff. I don't really have room here for anything bigger.


Is there some advantage in having the Commodore monitor? I'd be okay with just running it through my TV. The shipping on one of those heavy ass things would probably make it too expensive to mess with.

One of the nice things is that both the 1200 and 600 can use a simple compact flash adapter and one of the readily available packages to pretty much have all the games available for it (this is just the card with no ROMs, but this is the type of thing I'm talking about: and also this: . This store also has many Amiga products: ). The only catch with the 600 is that you need a newer version of the AmigaOS, which may require an extra expense if the chip is not already there. The 1200 is a better option for several reasons, though it's bigger and a bit more expensive (neither model is particularly cheap - $100 minimum on a good day).

As for the monitor, the 1084S is one of the finest classic monitors to have. It's very versatile and handles all classic C-64, C128 and Amiga resolutions. With that said, there are readily available S-Video and SCART adapters that should work with your displays (example:, though the expense of either one (SCART is no doubt not an option for you) would not necessarily offset the cost of the shipping for a 1084S, and it still may not be ideal in all situations



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