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I think I made the right decision

Thanks for clarifying, D. While many of us have been following the theatrics from afar, it's much appreciated to hear your direct perspective. Certainly, we don't try to pass any judgments without facts here on Armchair Arcade (even though it's all personal opinion anyway what someone ultimately thinks, obviously) and tried to leave this "issue" open for the usual reasoned debate here. As I implied in my posts, as is often the case with "passionate" classic gamers in particular, things can quickly get out of hand and be particularly hard to sort the reality from the irrational or misunderstood.

I think in the end, it's no harm, no foul, everybody wins. The community got their full blown, free port using the wonders of modern technology, and, if all goes well with the Kickstarter, a collectible, authentic early 1980s-era-style version complete with its own melodramatic backstory...

Best of luck.



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