Apple II (2) News and Notes for December 2006

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A2 News and Notes December, 2006

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-- Remember in school how fascinating it was to look at those "visible
people" cutaways of the human body, and what things looked like inside
you? Well, if you happen to have access to a high-powered x-ray machine
like Grant Stockly, you can take a peek inside your Apple IIe and see what
it looks like in 300dpi see-through mode. Of course most of us don't have
one of these in the corner of the living room, so Grant's put images of
what a IIe motherboard and a Disk II controller card up on the internet.
For the motherboard, take a look at:
and the controller card at:

Note that the amount of radiation needed to do your own peeking could
cause permanent loss of ability to run your Apple II--or anything else for
that matter.

-- Much as we wish it, nothing, including our Apple II computers last
forever. Vince Briel noticed that he had a lot of computers with bad
keyboard encoder chips, and is in the process of gauging interest in these
replacements. If you think you might need such a chip, contact Vince thru
his webpage:

Vince is also in the process of finishing up production, and taking
pre-orders on a 3-slot expander for his Replica-1 clone of the original
Apple computer. This expander will add such features as cassette port
emulation, as well as allow the user to plug in extra expansion cards.
More information is available on the above website.

-- If you've got your Apple II connected to the internet, no doubt you've
downloaded a program or two from an FTP site. But is that software legal?
Even though most development for the Apple II ended decades ago, a good
number of software titles are still protected by copyright, and there are
people who are still concerned about protecting developer's rights. One
FTP site worked diligently to make sure that it's contents were legally
able to be shared was the Trenco archives. After a revamp and rename,
it's back on the internet and available for use, and you'll find titles as
diverse as the entire Quality Computers software line, as well as most of
the Beagle.Bros material available for use. Check it out at:

-- Glenn Jones has begun sales of his new run of his 8-bit ethernet card,
called the . This card allows ALL slotted Apple II computers to hook into
the internet via a standard ethernet connection, and allow the user to
access via text-based screens common internet activities such as web
browsing or IRC chat. Ordering information when it becomes available can
be found at:

-- There's no prizes, and really no rules, but if you're interested in
showing others something you can do with your Apple II that you think no
one else has thought of before, or maybe just something in a new way,
check out the Old Computer Challenge. There you'll "compete" with
Commodore, Trash--oops--TRS-80 and even a512k Mac users in demonstrating
why vintage computers are still solid platforms. For information, and the
non-rules, check out:

--Software News

-- ADTPro, a software package used to transfer files from an IBM-style
computer to an Apple II has added new features. Version 1.31 is now
compatible with both the SSC and the IIGS at 115.2 kps, has the ability to
save itself with no Applesoft configurator need as well as some bugfixes,
and works with the Uthernet card. The current version can be downloaded

-- IIGS users with an internet connection and running Marinetti should
download Sir Ewen Wannop's latest version of SAFE2, a freeware FTP client.
The new version allows both manual as well as automated download options,
and directory manipulation not accessible in earlier version. Available
in both binscii and .bxy format, the program can be found on Ewen's
download page: (and check out
his other software there, too!)

-- Want to chat on the newly revamped but you're stuck
using a Windows-based machine? Terry Olsen has come to the rescue with
chat client that'll allow you to converse with your friends in the Apple
II world. A work-in-progress, Terry has continued to add standard chat
features and commands to the program. More information can be found at:

* Sign Off
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