Contest: Come up with the perfect title for my book!

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As many of you know, for the past what, two years+ now, I've been working on a book to be published by No Starch Press and distributed by O'Reilly online and at bookstores everywhere in October 2007 (tentative, but looks likely). One of the issues I and my co-author, Matt Barton, have been struggling with with the publisher has been titling this potential opus.

Matt and I have come up with a few dozen bad to very, very good names, ranging from the pedestrian to the very clever. Nevertheless, none have resonated with the publisher for whatever reason, and in turn, their one choice did not resonate with me. So, here's what I propose - a contest!

With the idea that there are no guarantees that any of the parties involved will accept a name (meaning there may not be a winner at all) that they don't end up choosing themselves (I'm particularly referring to the publisher here, since they have final say), I'd like to hear your best ideas for a title for the book. If one of the titles that gets submitted is picked, I'll give you a one-of-a-kind custom autographed copy of the book (you tell me what you'd like me to write in it - within reason and at my own discretion of course), plus give you full credit (a big thanks!) in the acknowledgments. Interested? Just write your specific ideas in the comments below this blog post here on Armchair Arcade. I'll compile them all for the publisher. There's no specific deadline, but we'll probably be finalizing the title in the next few weeks or so. I'll post when a title has been chosen.

Here is a boring title for what the book is about to give you the foundation to form an idea to wow us all with: "Videogames and Computers Come Home: The First 15 Years". Boring, but accurate. The book covers the US home videogame and computer industry (with a games-based focus) from 1972 - 1987. We look at 40+ videogame consoles and computers in great individual detail (essentially each of those systems has its own chapter) and talk about a lot of other things in other sections. Bonus points from my perspective if the domain name is also not taken. Finally, I'd give you the plethora of names that have thus far been rejected, but I don't want to influence the potential power of the collective mind any further. If you have specific questions about the book's content or anything else related, just ask. Thanks and fingers crossed we'll get a winner!


Bill Loguidice
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From "Chris" here: From Pong

From "Chris" here:

From Pong to Punchout: The Evolution of the Gaming Revolution

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
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CHOMP! the first 15 years of

CHOMP! the first 15 years of Video and Computer Gaming
CHOMP! The birth of Video and Computer Games

Don't ask me why I typed CHOMP, just seemed the RIGHT word to wrap around a gaggle of gaming history and information... ;)

I know that title sounds very kiddie but for some reason I liked it the moment it popped into my brain.

Bill Loguidice
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More here. From

More here.
From GrilledMonkeyFat: Bits, Pixels, and Polygons: How Gaming has Evolved
From Womp: From Chips to Screen: How Videogames Grew Up

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.
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Matt Barton
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Cover Tips Needed Too

Also, if you have any ideas about what should be on the cover, chime in as well! :-P

I think the key challenge with this is not so much coming up with something clever as coming up with something that isn't too specific. It has to be something that connects to early consoles and home computers.

YOu know, I kinda like that "bits" thing. Maybe something like, "Two Bits, Eight Bits"...Hm.

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Wokka Wokka!

Wokka Wokka! ( is free i think)

yeah I cant think of anything highly imaginative.

-- Stu --

Mark Vergeer
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Titles for your book Bill

-The Digital odyssey and beyond....
-More than just 2600....15 years of video games in the making
-Alternate reality, the first pixellated 15 years
-Space Invaders the final frontier? These are the tales of the 15 first years of US video gaming
-Blobs, bleeps and joysticks, 15 years of US gaming history
-Bytes, bleeps and pixels, 15 years of US gaming history
-Pixellated entertainment, 15 years of US gaming history
-From electric dreams to the Final Reality, the first 15 years of US video gaming
-What Wii played before the Revolution, the first 15 years of US video gaming history
-About bits, bytes, joysticks, trackballs, pixels and highscores, the first 15 years of US videogaming
-From bits, bytes to the final frontier of the Megabyte - interactive pixellated entertainment the first 15 years
-Joysticks and electric dreams (ouch.... that is a bad one)
-The roots of modern video gaming in the US
-There's more to being pacman, digdug or mr Do than meets the eye, 15 years of US gaming history
-Pacman and beyond, 15 years of video game history
-Consise deconstruction of 15 years of video games
-Aaarghhh, now that was a nice videogame
-Game over, no violence
-Want to play a game?
-Want to play a game, dr Falken?
-Wanna play?
-Coins are us, the first 15 years of US videogames

I could go on....but I won't. And now I have to go see some patiënts, perhaps they inspire me to produce more ...crap titles....

Mark Vergeer - Editor / Pixelator
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VideoGeek to GameSlick: 15

VideoGeek to GameSlick: 15 Steps to a TV-Stealing Performance

"Elegance has the disadvantage that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good education to appreciate it. You must not give the world what it asks for, but what it needs." -- Dijkstra

Bill Loguidice
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From Gamemaster_ca_2003:
1. The first 15 Years of the Great Technological Joyride
2. VIDEOGAMES: The First 15 Years
3. The Early History How our Minds Got Zapped
4. From Crazy Kids to the start of Greatness: Videogames of 1972-1987

From Flare:

V isit
I nside the
D elightful
E mpire
O f
G aming.
A merica's
M agical
E ntertainment
S ystems

From GrillMonkeyFat:
G raphics
A udio (and the)
M agic (of)
E volution (or Entertainment)

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.
(A PC Magazine Top 100 Website)

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here are some of my

here are some of my ideas:

Digital Pioneers
The Dawn of Gaming
The Birth of Gaming
Gaming - birth and the toddler years.
Gaming heritage : the first 15 years
Colonising the Virtual World : the first 15 years of video games
Video Games : The elementary years 0-15

Joined: 05/23/2006
Discrete logic to the

Discrete logic to the digital age.

Or how to add 0 + 1 to in your armchair arcade.

Getting old and bringing the arcade home.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Congratulations to you Bill


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