R.I.P. Mr Wizard

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I'm sure I'm not the only Armchair Arcader mourning the loss of Mr. Wizard today. Though his early shows were before my time, I did watch him frequently on Nickelodeon, and was always fascinated to think about how many magical things you could do with common household items. I'll never forget the time I saw him play a record with a sewing needle and a pencil. Note that in the Wired interview linked above, he lists his favorite computer game as "Solitaire." Not sure what to make of that! What about you; did anyone else watch Mr. Wizard?


Bill Loguidice
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Mr. Wizard

I sure did, though like you, I watched the Nickelodeon episodes. A few years back, The Science Channel replayed his original black and white shows, which were a bit tough to watch, but somewhat similar to his Nickelodeon shorts in format. He was quite the character, always with a bit of a condescending and chauvinistic (perhaps dated is a better word) attitude, but overall great fun and a good watch.

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