Breaking News on another New Leisure Suit Larry Game

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I'm sure this is already common knowledge (I haven't researched this yet or have much interest to at the moment), but apparently another new Leisure Suit Larry game is in development. Listening to the Howard Stern show this morning on Sirius Satellite Radio heading in to work, co-host and comedian Artie Lange is apparently doing a recording session today for a character named "Big Al". He didn't disclose what he's getting paid for what is expected to be around 3 hours or so of work, but apparently it's in the range of "what a person in his 20's makes in a year" (go perspective, go!). It was kind of funny to hear how little all on the Howard Stern knew of Leisure Suit Larry (and obviously gaming in general), but at least Howard himself was vaguely familiar with the basic premise of the original classic computer adventure games in trying to "enlighten" Artie and the crew. I'm sure this new one is just like the middling 3D "reimagining" of a few years back for PC and consoles, but it's still interesting to get a mini and unexpected behind-the-scenes-during-the-making-of from an unexpected place...


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That is an interesting (but perhaps very appropriate, now that I think of it) venue for that discussion. I'm not intimately familiar with the LSL games myself, but am aware of their style and mood. I didn't much like the look of that last game you mentioned; Larry just looked too cartoony. Maybe it's just because the graphics of the old sierra games were so limited, but I didn't envision him as that comical looking. Instead, I had in mind a sort of guy like the golf/architect dude in Something About Mary---sleazy, sure, but a loser more by bad decisions than by appearance. Then again, I didn't play the game, so maybe that comes out more.

At any rate, I think the challenge with this sort of game is not making Larry so over-the-top that people can't relate to him. You have to sympathize/emphathize with him at least a little for the game to be pleasurable.

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Well, I think the last game starred Larry's nephew. If I recall, the last true Larry game, 6, featured a very cartoonish/dorky Larry. I think the gag was almost always Larry was this cartoonish dorky guy in a world of semi-realistic women. Very exaggerated. I have the original Sierra set with history book, but it's not boxed anymore. I played them occassionally when they were contemporary (my girlfriend at the time had a copy of one of them - 4 I think - they never had a 5 if I recall (or was it they never had a 4? Regardless, they skipped one number as a gag)). Obviously Al Lowe was not involved with the 3D re-imagining and I doubt he's involved in this one, though I suppose I'll have to break down and research it at some point to not sound foolish about the blog post I started...

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They never had a LSL 4 which

They never had a LSL 4 which is why the call it "The Missing Floppies"

The last "real" LSL was number 7 - "Love for Sail! ", which is the only adventure
of the series I haven't played (yet).
I don't count "Magna Cum Laude" as I don't really consider it an adventure -
it seems to be mostly some kind of mini-game collection.

But I'm pretty amazed what one can already find on Wikipedia about games
- which I often use to get the original US games titles (not only the newer LSL
adventures have localized title names in Germany).

take care,

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I remember in.. the second one I think, when he gets to the island of babes he has to prove his maniless by programming in x86 assembler. I dont think I played anything after number three.

-- Stu --


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