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Okay, guys. I'm trying to brainstorm here about some possible layouts for the banner (across the top of the site). This is obviously a very important part of a website, so it's not something we want to just "slap together." Elizabeth is eager to get started on some drafts, but needs basic direction. I have some ideas, but wanted to discuss them with you guys first.

Here's a very rough idea of what I had in mind. Legend is below:


XXXX: Images of Matt & Bill (and others as desired?)
YYYY: Collage of videogame and computer devices (Atari Joystick, arcade cab, perhaps a space invader? See Note 1 below.) At any rate, hopefully something that will symbolize everything we're interested in.
ZZZZ: Perhaps some buttons like "RSS!" or "Sign up!" or what have you.
Menu 1-4: Buttons that will help users navigate the site. Hopefully, these will have cool icons attached. They could, for example, be mini-controllers (Atari paddle, NES controller, DC/N64 controller, flightstick, xarcade, PS2/Xbox360 controller?) See note 2.

Note 1: I'm trying to think of representative images. Here's what I'm thinking of so far with a code (R for retro, M for modern, A for arcade, C for computer, CS for console, G for game)
Atari joysticks (R)
Arcade cab (A)
Commodore 64 (R, C)
Xbox 360 or PS2 (CS, M)
NES Powerglove or Robbie (C, CS)
X-Arcade (I'm pretty sure we could get permission and possibily even money to use it)
Generic videogame stuff (i.e., tetris, arkanoid, pacman, or space invader-style images). The key here would be not to infringe on a copyright. I think as long as we stick to heavily-cloned games and don't copy and paste directly, we're gold.

Note 2: Menu 1-4 could also be small icons (Mark's work) of our faces and names. These would be links to special pages to our bios and lists of blogs, articles, and such. In this case, we could get rid of XXXX and replace it with something else.



Mark Vergeer
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Sound like a good solid plan

Sound like a good solid layout for the new website. I like it. Sometimes first hunches are the best ones. It has to be clean and simple to navigate.

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
I, too, agree on the

I, too, agree on the simplicity of the design. Keeping it simple seems to be a nice new directive for NEO. :)

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Mark Vergeer
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OK some more styles to look at....

Yes, do we agree on the sort of layout like Mr Barton proposed in the other thread?

If so what's the colour scheme we like? Minimalist look, white background on the articles with colored squares / buttons with a little shadow underneath for the navigation? It needs to totally stay away from the Blog look that we have got going on right here....

Some sites that I like:
Wow! This is what I was sort of thinking about doing with my little icons!
Combined with a tabbed/bar like the site below.
I nice banner atop. Navigation tabs/bar underneath, The navigation bar/tabs of this site is something I would like to see in in a similar fashion on our site aswell. It could have been a nice clean site if you skip the ads pasted below. The site allows you to play many a retrogame online through java btw. Nice over-use of pixel art btw. Overuse of partner information and commercial information. Again it's the top part of the page I like.
I like the clean look, hate the busy background. Like the use of pixel art. Navigation is non existent in this site. I like the use of colored squares around the side.
Another clean looking site, happens to be my Sister's website. Click on 'ga verder - klik hier' to explore the site. The navigation is not what I would like, but the clean look is nice in my opinion.

A look like these is something I like very much. A lot of them happen to be a friends of my sisters' - all art-people btw. Perhaps a bit too European or art-like.
Hehe, my sister's inlaws - no kidding....
Please check them out and let me know what direction we like. Hey I am Dutch so I tend to be very negotiative (polder-model) instead of saying let's go for THIS.... If you ask me, which is a little un-Dutch like, the Dutch like to endlessly discuss stuff and then come to a mutual agreement hours later -> let's go for something very much like the above to two sites I mentioned.


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