Forensic Scans and Info on SSI's "Six-Gun Shootout: Gunfights of the Wild West" (1985)

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I recently received a request for manual scans from my copy of Six-Gun Shootout: Gunfights of the Wild West (1985), from SSI. I was happy to oblige, but of course I wanted to do a little extra since it's the same approximate amount of effort. In addition to the manual, I also scanned the box, the Apple II disk, one side of the registration card and the inside cover of the 1985 SSI catalog, featuring both Six-Gun Shootout and Colonial Conquest, the latter of which is one of my all-time favorites (C-64 version, though the Atari ST version is overall the best).

Here is the link to the Flickr gallery, which includes a few screenshots from the Virtual Apple 2 - Online disk archive, which allows you to play Apple II and IIGS games in your browser, including of course, Six-Gun Shootout. SSI's western-themed game is an interesting blend of strategy and RPG elements, similar in style to their war-themed, Computer Ambush, which I'm also lucky to own (I'm obviously a huge fan of SSI's entire catalog of games, from themes to cover art to when they used bookshelf boxes). If you have the time, I definitely recommend you check it all out. Enjoy!


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Thanks for the effort!

Especially for the manual - the scenarios and their descriptions are pure gold:

Scenario 7 is (of course ;-) from "The Magnificent Seven" and one can actually
recognize Walter Brennan as the typical sidekick with a shotgun in the Rio Bravo

This is one of the titles that invokes major nostalgic feelings in me even though
I never had the chance to play it back then. One reason could be that the graphics
leave nearly everything to the player's imagination, like a good book, while todays
games like "Call of Juarez" try to depict everything and the player's mind is busy
with the immersion - a completely different gaming experience.

This has downsides, too: When something isn't shown properly (like a badly
designed or textured object) this can bother the player because it de-immerses
him - while in the older game the object didn't exist in the first place...

"Call of Juarez" is a great game, BTW, though obviously of a different genre.
It's somewhat of a modern version of the classic "Outlaws" from LucasArts, though
the latter features the best game sound track of all time, IMHO ;-)

Final note: "Six-Gun Shootout" and "Call of Juarez" are separated by more than
twenty years - I wonder where game technology will be in twenty years from now
and if somebody will take forensic scans of CoJ...

take care,

Bill Loguidice
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Wild West games and other thoughts

I agree, Calibrator. Six-Gun Shootout and Broadsides (and to a lesser degree Computer Ambush) were always games from the cover art to the screenshots to the concept that I always coveted as a kid, but never purchased. It took me quite some time to get both Six-Gun Shootout and Broadsides as part of my collection without spending a fortune. I'm not sure if either one came in SSI's big box (bookshelf) versions, which I vastly prefer, but I have both in the small box versions. I still haven't genuinely played them, but it is one of the many games that I'm anxious to. It's certainly not something for a casual playthrough though. If I do it, I want to devote many hours over several days to it.

There haven't been many games properly set in the Wild West (though I suppose it can be argued that gaming is a reflection of popular culture and the Western is kind of a cyclical thing, with only fleeting popularity here and there these days). Accolade's Law of the West is certainly a somewhat contemporary example to Six-Gun Shootout (though an entirely different genre), and of course there were all the Boot Hill arcade variations, but you would think that such a potentially fertile gaming landscape would have been explored more. There are so many possibilities.

The newest Wild West-based game I have is Gun for the Xbox 360 (one of the launch titles that was the same as the last gen versions, just rez'd up). It's actually quite good, though I haven't played too far into it.

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